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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In support of KA1 (staff mobility for teachers, trainers and school leaders), members can use eTwinning to get in touch with other eTwinners to find information about Learning mobilities before applying for them. It is possible to join the community from the eTwinning Desktop within the Teachers rooms and Groups. Here members can discuss, share ideas and materials but also talk about training experiences. These are the two most suitable platforms where you can acquire information on interesting in-service training courses or job-shadowing experiences. They involve lots of eTwinners with different competences and training practices who can support colleagues who are looking for suitable courses or want to spend a period abroad in a partner school. Personally, I think that eTwinners can find all these kind of information attending Learning Events too. During these online courses different topics are exploited and participants are actively involved in discussions, reflections and personal works. According to the topic, sometimes well qualified colleagues give proper tips about training courses or specific school activities. In the past years, it happened that partners used to exploit eTwinning platform while developing Comenius projects because of the TwinSpace and the available kits useful to support a successful plan. In Erasmus+ programme eTwinning is recommended to facilitate and sustain partnership among schools planned for KA2. It can support partners through three main steps: before, during and after the partnership. Firstly, it is possible to look for partners throughout two ways: Find eTwinners, that allows to contact eTwinners according to specific categories (role, country, subjects etc.), or Erasmus+ forum page that permits to find partners selecting the involved pupils’ age. The Mailbox can be useful to start communicating with the involved colleagues. In this way it is possible to know each other and share information such as the local context, the school organisation, the pupils etc. in order to set up a well-organized multilateral project. Secondly, before and during the project development, the involved teams can exploit the following chances by using Learning Events or Webinars. So that they can be trained on themes linked to the topic of their own partnership and at the same time take part in discussions, interact and work with other colleagues. It would be really interesting to join together teachers’ Professional events development and the KA2 project progress in order to put into practice the suggested strategies, activities and devices. For the duration of the partnership, the TwinSpace is the online workspace where it is possible to upload materials using different applications like file archive, image gallery, wiki or web contents. All the activities can be managed through buttons that allow tocreate, reorder, publish but also delete the uploaded materials. This workspace permits to observe and monitor the project progress constantly while the blog, the forum, the mailbox and also the chat allow partners to keep in touch frequently. The dissemination is also a significant step to complete a strategic European partnership successfully. Members can decide to make visible all the uploaded material or part of them to everybody in the web just adding the application Web content display during or after finishing it. Another chance to publish the closed project is also to take part in Teachers rooms, Webinars, etc. or in local o national Erasmus+ and eTwinning 56