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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning. In my actions I will encourage teachers to join this ‘miraculous world of science and education” that gives us the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world, to be students again, to initiate and perform in partnership instructive educational projects. 10. Healthy life dictionary with advice, learned terms related to a healthy life. The expected results, the final products were: We reflect and describe our activities in the TwinSpace and print a booklet in August 2014. I would like to address a “thank you, and congratulations" to my students who responded enthusiastically to the idea of learning and cooperating on a modern educational platform, many activities being carried out during their free time, and a “thank you, with gratitude” to my parents and to all those who believed and believe in me, forming together a team of volunteer ambassadors in education. In the early days of vacation, after exams, we will complete together with the students this beautiful project that promotes movement, health, mathematics and beauties of the countries involved in the project. In our school ISJ Bihor approved two elective courses addressed to secondary school classes, both called “Mathematics without borders international projects”. Thus, the students from the sixth and eleventh grades had the opportunity to learn the mysteries of international projects, to develop skills of the 21st century, along with students from other partner countries on the eTwinning platform. As after any activity, and the voluntary default, comes reward. This consists in the fact that there are some fellow enthusiasts who appreciate your work and ask you for advice, that the activities of your school are known also in other countries, that, in time, cooperative relations may be established, followed even by exchanges of experiences. I am happy and I feel lucky to belong to the family 54