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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Irrespective of the way in which we communicated, we met at courses, seminars on the platform, symposiums or international contests in which each of us presented projects developed on the platform, we attended seminars or learning events, we developed projects together, I realized that each of us are ambassadors of education in our countries and we have many things useful to learn together. As an example of promoting eTwinning projects, I have chosen to present you a project carried out with my students from the eleventh grade from “Ioan Ciordas” Technical College of Beius. Project Title: “Healthy lifestyle and Maths”. Founders: Iveta Nikolayev from Latvia and Crina Aurelia Bercovici from Romania. The aim of the project was: To explore and compare our lifestyles from the point of view of health (healthy eating, sports, etc.) The stages of the project were: 1. Planning activities - compare the national curricula and schedules. 2. Presenting the eTwinning platform tools for each team. 3. Breaking the ice. School, area and students’ presentations. Students create a Wordle, using mathematical terms known by them, which start with the letters that form their first name and the name of a sport they practice. They will put the created Wordle on the group page, together with a group photo. Messages exchange between groups in Inbox or on the wall in the TwinSpace. Topics for discussions: Maths, Sports, healthy food, healthy lifestyle. 4. Logo contest “Healthy lifestyle and Maths”. Students vote for partners’ posters and decide the winners. They have been offered diplomas and prizes. 5. Healthy Eating Habits. Choose a country. Mark the capital of country. Specify a fruit or a vegetable that is often consumed in the country. Students have presented a few dietary habits, different menus which are served at the canteens of the two schools. It was also pr \