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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------themselves a lot! eTwinning: My Personal Experience by Agnieszka Dobrowolska With eTwinning I have had some good experiences, and not so good ones too. Of course on the first place are positive feelings, memories and people I have known and with whom I worked. But I would also like to mention the difficulties and the obstacles that I had to go through. It is for such incredible moments that eTwinning projects are so motivating! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I discovered eTwinning in March 2007. I noticed that there was a good opportunity to make my students aware of Europe in an easier way and also make them learn German. Working in a partnership never seemed to be a problem, just find a partner and you can start the project - so I thought. Here I found a problem. Because I teach German, I always had problems in finding a good, reliable partner. Everyone wanted to do projects in English, or partners dropped unexpectedly in mid-project and interrupted any connection. After many attempts I finally put together the current group, on which I can count - until today we have done many projects on different topics. We still find new talents in our partners, learn from each other, help each other to use interactive tools effectively. Using team work can help one get much better results and save a lot of time. I have gone through this experience and found partners who helped me, for example when I had run out of time. For me personally, eTwinning contact with other people from other countries is very important. It is great to do exchanges with someone you have a lot in common with, who you can always rely on and from whom you can learn new things. My students take part in European projects with great pleasure. They really like eTwinning and enjoy being an active part of a community that makes learning real and purposeful and gives them the opportunity to use current technology. 50