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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------communication amongst members, thus ensuring its sustainability. The TwinSpace has been our private space, which can only be accessed by teachers who have been given permission by the administrators of the project, “All about us”. It is designed to include those people who are not registered in the eTwinning platform, which allows students, parents and teachers working in the project to see what is happening. from one another. This way, students became responsible for their learning as well as that of others. The main point has been to negotiate starting off from initial ideas, finding some objectives, contents and methodologies that can and may be used by everyone – basically, finding a final design and a project development that comes as a result of everybody's work, and where everyone feels comfortable and can reflect. This is why we tried to organize the different sections with easy-to-use tools, such as folders to upload documents or with other tools for those teachers who knew more about ICT. A special section has been created as a guide about how to use the different tools, such as embedded videos, presentations and photos in our TwinSpace. This is the public page of our project: =es&n=88198. The content of the TwinSpace has been published partly, depending on the group’s decision. Every teacher has a Desktop and can send messages to the group to organize the task, to publish entries in the blog, as a diary, and cooperate with collaborative or content pages. The pages have been organized into types of activities according to our Comenius planning program. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The activities have been structured so that students get to work together in the pupils section, learning 41