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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Everything has changed,” I admitted. “Everything… I have met so many people, I had the chance to travel, to keep up with the latest advancements in pedagogy and technology, to involve and energise my students, to get more self-confidence about the quality of my work, to acquire a new identity really. I am an eTwinner now.” “There you are… you know now what to write in your article.” So, fellow eTwinners, here is my TOP10 list of the reasons for taking up eTwinning and becoming keen on it. Maybe you can make your own TOP10 list after you read this text and send it to me at Your lists, as well as mine, will be published on my blog LYPS – Best eTwinning Project 2014 by Lucian Constantin Vladescu Good teachers always try new methods to make their students to learn and to discover what they like most to do in their adult life. “LYPS – Let Your Passion Shine” is a project that tried to serve this purpose. Working in European multicultural teams m