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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------According to the main outcomes of online researches I did on several educational and academic websites, the introduction of cloud computing in education does not have a long tradition in Italy. Only “travelling” on the eTwinning platform I suddenly realized that the use of cloud computing applications for eTwinning projects or for other online activities is quite normal for eTwinners. The Importance of Being an – Earnest – eTwinner by Theodora Gkeniou When Daniela invited me to write a piece about eTwinning, at first I got stuck. I did not know what to focus on. What is there to say about eTwinning? I started contemplating… I could write a professional article as an eTwinning ambassador, about benefits, functions, attributes to modern pedagogy and teaching methodology and so on and so forth… “No,” I heard a little voice inside of me. “That is not the essence of being an eTwinner! These are not the reasons why you took up eTwinning!” “Oh, yeah? Which are the reasons then?” I continued the inner discussion. Surely this invisible, almost unconscious side of eTwinning is the most fascinating and charming because it plays with the will of innovation in education that harbours in many eTwinners. From this, eTwinning is not only an online platform but also a “gateway” to the future, and surely represents the “anarchic” side of the new Programme 2014 – 2020, Erasmus Plus. “Remember you were bored and you needed something new and challenging, you wanted to meet teachers from all over Europe and connect, you wanted your students to actually start using English and get new experiences, you wanted to find a way to use new technologies in your classroom?” “Yes, I remember,” I muttered, “that was all back in 2009.” “And where are you standing now? What has changed 5 years later?” Maybe in the future this invisible part of eTwinning should be better underlined and promoted both inside and outside the platform. In this way also the “other” part of the Program – and its importance for the future of schools - will be more visible in the European space of education. Sitography: SOC website: The State of Art Report: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 38