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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now my colleagues and I know better why we prepare these projects. They are to change the world by breaking the walls of prejudices towards other nations, beliefs and lifestyles. The “Invisible” Side of eTwinning within Online Professional Development by Cinzia Colaiuda Nowadays eTwinning is the largest online community of practice for schools in Europe. It is no coincidence that, due to its growing relevance and visibility in the European educational space, similar platforms have been developed to respond to specific academic purposes. Even if eTwinning means mainly development of European e-projects, this platform offers also new professional development perspectives for teachers not only through official online training events, eTwinning groups or teachers rooms, but also through informal training procedures. I am sure I will start new projects soon. That is the wish of my students and colleagues and also of the principal of my school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Such procedures play an important role in many of the e-activities that teachers, as well as pupils, develop in a spontaneous way during online interactions on the platform: in many of these cases eTwinning means enhancement of the plurilingual dimension in education, intercultural eencounters, informal exchanges of didactic and methodological approaches. The use of new ICT tools for online collaboration follows often the same informal way of application, and surely this aspect of the platform is the most visible in many of the online activities. But at the same time it is the most invisible part of eTwinning for the “actors”, that is the teachers, involved in a continuous and almost unconscious training process. As an eTwinner and eTwinning ambassador, this perception of unconsciousness encouraged me when I had to write a report on the use of cloud computing in education for the Comenius Project “School on the cloud”. 37