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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you understand now why we say that eTwinning is our best treasure? Quality Label. But the most important thing of it all is not that I got a certificate only. The interest towards learning a foreign language and to ICT tools increased among the students! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Changing the World by Mine Gokbas My biggest memory in my project was that the attitude of one of my students’ parents towards eTwinning projects. They are a religious family and they would not normally celebrate the New Year at their home. One of the tasks to be done in the project was to show other countries how we celebrate that night. The parents did not refuse the wish of their son and celebrated this winter event as others do all around the world. They took lots of pictures and sent them to me to put on the TwinSpace. It was so affective and indulgent. They also took part in the activities. When one of my colleagues from Europe told me first about the eTwinning projects, I was really excited. We started a project together and I did my best. It was not difficult to encourage the students to join in the project, but about the teachers and school administration I cannot say the same. The first question they asked was whether there was mobility chance to travel abroad within these projects. When I said no, they stood back. I am sure that happens at most of the schools all over Europe. Later we started the activities, prepared postcards, organised online meetings, went on some school excursions with the students. Some of the teachers started to take part in the activities. The more my group grew and it got fun, I was more interested. We also organised competitions, prepared a big chart at school about the activities carried out in the project. I was rewarded with a European 36