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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------time, for a preparatory visit. It is almost impossible to believe as the affinity that was created online, among the 9 member countries, you could find in reality already at the airport. Turkey, Germany, Italy, England, Belgium, Spain, France, Norway and Finland all together for the first time, with the initial embarrassment of not knowing each other and the fear of not understanding each other. More... vanished as soon as we shared a single leitmotif: the desire to grow up together and work together. After three flights from Catania to Rome, the second from Rome to Istanbul and the last one from Istanbul to Izmir, we had to catch a bus to the hotel, but before our arriving we had a delicious meal, a big fish. That was the first “shy” approach to a real friendship under one single flag: the European one. links and materials. We met online using Skype and Facebook in order to inform each other about all the changing of the plans. Personally I used the eTwinning materials to show the parents the whole wide world hidden inside of this “magic box”. The parents realized that their children are protected on the portal and the photos of their pupils are not on the web. We uploaded on the TwinSpace all the products and the materials related to our topic, “Forgotten Values”. We collected millions of photos and news about our exhibitions, about all the meetings we organized with the parents and the teachers and just the “special day” of the students. Every country tried to do something different and better. We created PowerPoint presentations about tolerance and when we had the third meeting in Finland I showed the presentation there and it was really a success, because every partner worked on the same topic but with different costumes, habits and traditions. In a different way. Because of the age of our students, 7 to 11, we needed their parents’ help, all the time, to prepare the products to bring on the mobilities; to prepare special typical food; to create typical games of the local traditions .The students were highly motivated, they enjoyed all the activities and they worked together, in groups, and they learned how to share experiences, collaborate, create and above all appreciate their differences with tolerance and respect. Now I cannot teach in the same way as before. I feel a different teacher, I need to check my mail and I need to feed my motivation every day. Now I work on several eTwinning projects and I know that I can create some products for one project but at the same time I can share the experiences for all the other projects. I have been attending several online courses with very specialized ambassadors from all over Europe and so on… and I feel that eTwinning helped me, first of all, to become more innovative and also a better teacher. After… This story – to be continued… next year. During eTwinning helped me to become more innovative and a better teacher. I discovered a new way to upload messages, images, and tools. I discovered wiki, where to upload our information and news. We used network to find partners and the TwinSpace to contact, and keep in touch with, our