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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------handmade gifts to their friends. cards to our project partners, we waited our cards from other countries. When we received our cards, it was really fun for pupils getting something from another country. That was an unforgettable experience for them and it was nice to see that all the students were eager to do something for this project! This project encouraged our students to write letters, which has almost been forgotten in the digital world surrounding all of us. They felt the excitement of receiving letters and sharing things with students from different cultures. “International Christmas” This was a Christmas Project with partner schools from Italy and France. Students were asked to create a glog to show how Christmas was celebrated in their country/town/home. First, they introduced themselves and commented on each other’s glogs. As a final step, all glogs from each country were voted and a winning glog was chosen for each country. It was an enjoyable project in terms of learning more about different cultures, Christmas traditions and even songs in different languages. Students showed their creativity with their beautiful glogs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In our eTwinning project we exchanged Christmas cards through post and email. Our pupils prepared hand-made cards. Then they wrote their wishes in English and their own language. After sending the 24