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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Romania and to get an eTwinning prize so that I could meet my dear partners from the projects. eTwinning, an Online Platform to Find Your Twins by Zabel Boyaciyan, Talar Elagoz Bedikoglu and Eva Buyuksimkesyan project with partner schools from Greece and Italy. The aim of this project was to collect and analyse song lyrics of renowned bands of various genres and movements (rock, reggae, punk, metal, hip hop) and study their historical background and the social and political messages they convey as well as the impact these messages have on teenagers today. Further, students were invited to translate lyrics from their native languages into English and exchange comments on messages and cultural traits. The creative part of our project included: writing lyrics as a collaborative task, making posters and even compose a song. Some of the Greek students even performed one of these songs in their school. We believe that this was a beautiful journey for our students through music, in which communication, critical thinking, language skills, creating, sharing, raising social awareness on important social issues were all involved. One of the most important things of this project was getting to know each other better. Our students shared the same belief that it was a great opportunity to broaden their horizons not only on music genres or the messages hidden behind the lyrics, but also on cultural differences, and realizing the fact that they had so many common things with their peers from other countries. Our school has registered with eTwinning since 2009. We the eTwinners in our school have had the chance to attend conferences and seminars, join professional development groups and carry projects. We even found our first ever Comenius project partners in eTwinning forum. We believe eTwinning gives teachers a wonderful opportunity to find partners from everywhere – mainly Europe but then you can add others to your project –, start a project and work together. When you start a project, the site allows you to use the Learning Lab, where you can find ideas and resources. eTwinning not only gives teachers a chance to collaborate but it also gives them professional development opportunities. This year we started our eTwinning club at school and encouraged teachers to start projects. We collaborated with schools around Europe and for us it was a very fruitful year. We would like to share our projects with you. “We Are the World” lyrics and ideology A group of high school students carried out this “Friendship Zone” This year some of our 6th grade students took part in an eTwinning project called “Friendship Zone” with partner schools from Poland, Sweden, Greece and Spain. The aim of this project was getting to know each other through exchanging letters, and preparing presentations about their schools/towns/cities. Moreover, students shared their Christmas traditions and made special Christmas cards for their pen pals and even sent 23