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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------part in a training workshop in Portugal. In 2010, I also ended my project “The meaning of colours”, a project that filled our hearts with colour, emotion, but also with disappointment as it did not get an eTwinning prize. Being a leader of a teachers’ group, I have tried to persuade as many teachers as possible to take part in eTwinning projects, and I can say that my effort was successful. School No 9 “Nicolae Orghidan” in Brasov received the name of “eTwinning Embassy 2011” and the first prize in the National Campaign “The eTwinning Embassy in My School”. For years now I have participated in many projects, as their founder or as a partner. These projects give us the opportunity to meet wonderful teachers, to practice a foreign language, to communicate with European students, to know other educational systems, to make a change in our way of teaching and even in our educational system. When you participate in eTwinning projects, you experience different feelings: the joy to receive a message from another teacher, the sadness when you notice that some teachers register in a project but they do not contribute with anything, the appreciation of your ideas by the other partners, the recognition of the value of your projects in other countries and, sometimes, the disappointment that in your own country these ideas are not considered important. After these five years, I have other expectations, and this is quite natural. Every person wants something else, after achieving a goal. Now, I find it really easy to carry out an eTwinning project, to participate in training activities in the Learning Lab, to involve generations of children in these projects and to open new horizons for them. Moreover, my dream is to be appreciated for my activity in 22