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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After planning, communication is also important. Try to keep in touch with your partners during the process so you can ask about unclear points and give them the opportunity to lead you in the best way. Photograph, video or document all your studies. It will be very nice if you can display your work and studies on a notice board. Furthermore, you can present them during eTwinning workshops to share your experiences with other eTwinners. Remember to apply for a Quality Label as well, to crown your success when you finish your project successfully. eTwinning is a journey by which you can discover and learn new things even every day at each station. So keep on discovering and learning via eTwinning, and share your experiences with the others in order to extend this passion. Good luck with your eTwinning journey! I hope to meet you at some station. Bye for now! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eTwinning – The Challenge to Move Forward by Valeria Iordache I can hardly believe that it has already been five years since I registered on the eTwinning site. Everything started with great curiosity, when I read in the form necessary to complete in order to apply for “Merit Recognition” about eTwinning projects. I did not know what these projects were, and I had not heard anybody speaking about them. I turned on the computer and I looked for information about the eTwinning platform. I created my account in 2009, and then I waited to be contacted by someone, I waited for something to happen, but it did not. For a year I studied different pages on this platform, different projects, and I would have wanted to be a partner in one of them. It was my teenager’s dream to communicate to people my age from different European countries. I was in high school, right after the Revolution in 1989, when our form teacher asked us to write some information about us on some pieces of paper and told us that we were about to get some letters from other countries. For me, this was an extraordinary opportunity to know other “worlds”. I was really enthusiastic to get news from teenagers from France, England and to talk to them about our hobbies. But everything ended as quickly as it started. I graduated high school and I got a job as a teacher at a sch ool near Brasov. But my hobby to communicate with people from other countries has not faded. The eTwinning platform appeared in my life as a fulfillment of a teenager’s dream. I have learnt by discovery how to contact European teachers, how to make projects and to take part in different activities organized on the platform. My first success was in 2010, when I won a prize: to take 21