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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------add photos, comments, thoughts and they can work together. They can download their popplet as an image or share and embed them. Our example: to tell your images story. Our example: 826 Q U Quizlet offers free online study tools starting with flashcards and other games, aimed at helping students learn material. Students can create their own study sets or can make use of the approximately 16 million flash card sets created by other students. In addition to “flashcards” the site also offers games. Our example: Utellstory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community that let people from different age and background to easily tell stories and share topics with photo, video, voice, music and words. 1c96978348d4c6be65e564eb8#.U6w4oPl_uMI V R ReadWriteThink ; The timeline tool allow you to create and organize events- real or imagined- and even to add images to descriptions. Saving capability allows you to come back to unfinished work, or you can share your timeline via email. actives/timeline_2/ S Smore allows you to create beautiful newsletters, flyers, advertisements and invitations for free. You can include pictures, embed YouTube videos, audio files, event information and even biographical information. It is a great way for promoting and sharing your work! T ThingLink is a free platform for creating interactive images. Your images come alive with video, text, images and music. It provides collaboration too and it helps you VoiceThread is an online tool which provides collaboration. You can upload pictures and videos and allows text, audio and video comments. Our example: W Wevideo makes video creation accessible to everyone, using cloud-based technologies to make it easier, faster and more convenient. Because it's cloud-based, wevideo makes social video editing possible, where people come together online to collaborate on a video project. Our example: X Xat .com is a chat-based social networking site. Making an poll is easy and completely free. Just fill in the boxes and press the "Update" button. When you are happy with your poll copy and paste the code in the box below into your web page, forum or blog. Our example: 701101375 18