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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our aim is to form a world in which all human beings can understand each other better, recognize and respect their cultures and – after all – live in a peaceful world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So in December 2007 I planned my first eTwinning project with Diane, a Romanian teacher, “Hello, I Am the Traveller”, whose main aim was “leading young people to understand similarities and differences between their living way and their partners’ one... the Italian students will be able to build a bridge of knowledge towards their partners”. Such a project was very important not only for my students but also for their parents and the teachers involved because it gave us the possibility to work on our cultural identity accepting and respecting the cultural differences. It was the first step toward the “European citizenship”. The project was awarded with the National Quality Label and, as a consequence, in December 2009 I was invited to the Thematic Monitoring Conference entitled “The digital competences in the European dimension” in Florence organized by LLP Italy, and then to the European Conference in Seville in February 2010: the starting point for my personal development as a European teacher! Speaking and working with other European teachers I felt that a new world was going to open before my eyes, I had so much to learn but I realized that it was possible, thanks to my partners' help. When I returned to school, full of new ideas and enthusiasm, which I shared with my closest colleagues, I managed to join the pan-European celebration on the 5th of May 2010 and to take part in the contest organized by Italian Agency for eTwinning birthday, inviting teachers, parents and the local authorities to the performance prepared by a group of students “Let's celebrate eTwinning: a song for you”. In this way the whole school community knew that eTwinning was the fastest and shortest way to Europe. My Experience in eTwinning: Diary of a Teacher by Antonietta Calo I met eTwinning in 2007 when my headmaster asked me to take information about the Lifelong Learning Programme, because it was necessary to take our school to Europe and the Comenius programmes seemed to be the answer. But let me say that, reading and studying the possibilities offered by LLP, I immediately understood that eTwinning was the right answer! It was the easiest and faster way to open a window on Europe: I could start immediately my project as I did not need to require any permits or authorizations, I could work on my ideas with my whole class during my curricular English hours, my students would get in touch with other European classes and... and... and... I was really excited! The project was awarded as the best one made by a High School and it was a great achievement for the whole Institute. As for me, I applied the K.I.S.S. approach: keeping it short and simple was the winning method to involve students, parents and teachers because we could work all together in a relaxing and motivating atmosphere. At the same time, thanks to the possibilities offered by the eTwinning portal as a Community, step by step I improved my professio