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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HealthyANDhappy (hAh) The first one was an eTwinning/Erasmus Plus project. As you know, an active life style and healthy food habits are very important in childhood, and there is strong evidence that maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy food habits provide important physical and mental health benefits. Nevertheless, Europe has been suffering from sedentary life, unhealthy food habits and overweight problems in childhood recently. As a result of the overuse of technology, sedentary life and unhealthy food habits, some kind of illness appear in the body. In this project, we aimed at increasing activity, improving dietary quality, and decreasing inactivity during childhood. We als o aimed at improving communication skills and ICT skills for both pupils and teachers, improving language skills for both pupils and teachers and finding out new opportunities for the school and wider community in order to increase pupil engagement and motivation, to challenge pupils to do more and to make learning ‘real’. During the project, we really did lots of activities with my partners. As an example, for making a project film, we collaborated with film expert Mr Nikos Theodosakis to direct and manage us. We also collaborated with universities, and they supported our project by giving seminars about healthy life. Mom and Me The second project was about celebrating mother’s day in Europe. The project’s main aim was to increase the awareness of mother’s day all over Europe. We also aimed at cooperating and sharing cultural similarities and differences, and we tried to learn some basic sentences in each other’s languages. Therefore, the schools involved tried to instil in their pupils a love for learning, developed their creativity by using ICT tools and fostered them to take part in cultural activities. In addition to this, our goal was to build strong relationships between people from different countries, schools and cities that will not be finished with the end of the project. At the end of the project, we celebrated mom’s day using google hangouts connection. Ideas for Teaching English And the last project was created for Azerian, Turkish and Romanian teachers who want to improve their English speaking and communication skills and who want to join eTwinning but had no idea how to work in the TwinSpace collaboratively. This project consisted of 20 Azerian, Romanian and Turkish teacher trainers (who were all experienced eTwinners) and nearly 40 Azerian and Turkish school teachers. It was a short project but we had success at the end. We tried to teach them the basic language through useful grammatical links, games, videos, songs and ICT tools. We used social media for teaching English and utilised the TwinSpace as a learning environment. We also used lots of ITC tools such as vocaroo, voki, google docs, popplet, little bird tales, photostory, iwishyouto while teaching. At the end of the project, we created an evaluation form using Padlet to get the participant teachers’ opinions. I think this project is a good example of teaching a foreign language by using ICT tools as project activities, by using social media as a communication and collaboration tool and by using the TwinSpace as a learning environment. Whenever I think about my background, eTwinning was the ideal starting point for my personal and professional development. Thanks to eTwinning projects, Teachers’ Rooms, Learning Events, conferences, workshops and seminars, I had the opportunity to catch a new way of teaching, to improve my personal and professional development and I had the chance to meet lots of new friends and colleagues from all over Europe. 123