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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My eTwinning Adventure by Esen Sandiraz I would like to start talking about my eTwinning adventure by sharing my favourite student motto: “If you really want to teach me, you first have to reach me!” I am a teacher of English and European Projects Head Coordinator at Toros College in Mersin, Turkey. I have been working with eTwinning projects for about 5 years now. I have an eTwinning Teachers’ Room named “Ideas for Teaching English”. I am a teacher trainer and an ITEC Project pilot teacher. Now I would like to tell you something about my personal and professional development. Before joining eTwinning, my students did not want to come to my class and they did not want to learn English! I knew they loved English and me, but they did not like writing texts, reading long stories and doing difficult, boring grammar tests. I tried to find out a new way of teaching everyday but I had no idea where and how I could find it! In 2009, Turkey was accepted in eTwinning and I was very delighted that I became a member of this community. In a short time I found a project partner, a lovely teacher from Portugal. Our project’s name was “Time to learn, time to share”. It was our first eTwinning project and the cooperation between us was very good from the very beginning. Our collaboration was basically an exchange of introducing ourselves, our cities and our countries, sharing PowerPoint presentations and writing letters to each other. Yes, we the partner teachers and pupils were glad to do something different but we wanted to do something more exciting! In September 2010, I had the chance to participate in the European eTwinning Conference held in İstanbul, Turkey and there I could make personal contacts and met lots of eTwinning colleagues faceto-face. Then we started to join Learning Events, workshops and Teachers’ Rooms, and learnt how to use the TwinSpace and ICT tools effectively. A year later the project won the European Quality Label and we were invited to present our project first in national workshops in our own countries, and then in 2011 at the eTwinning European Conference in Budapest, Hungary. I also had a workshop as a presenter in the Budapest Conference. My topic was “Motivating Pupils Through Games”. My first partner Maria Condeço and I had the chance to meet face-to-face thanks to eTwinning in the Budapest eTwinning European Conference in 2011. Unfortunately soon after coming back to Turkey, I got seriously ill and I could not carry on any further. During my illness, my European eTwinning colleagues were so kind and ready to help, and without knowing me very well, they felt sympathy for me and during my illness, I got lots of emails to encourage me to go on in my personal fight. Luckily at the beginning of this educational school year (2013-2014) I felt better and started to participate in eTwinning projects again. Here are some of them: 122