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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pupils in our school presented this year’s project “GAME – Garden in Amazing Mathematical Experiences”. We organized a workshop and pupils showed the present teachers how they work on TwinSpace and what they do on their project work. Teachers were impressed with the knowledge shown by pupils, and pupils were proud to be able to present their knowledge! Project on Christmas by Magdalena Goc Last school year at Zespół Szkół w Pobiedziskach, Poland we managed to accomplish a couple of interesting eTwinning projects. One of them was “Christmas cards and traditions”. About 40 partner schools from different European and Asian countries participated in it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The main aim of the project was to learn and to compare Christmas traditions in different European countries through many activities. Each school prepared Christmas cards and PowerPoint presentation about Christmas traditions in their country. They prepared an exhibition in each school. Our students learned how to write Christmas greetings in their mother tongue and in English, improved their ICT, language and social skills through taking part in videoconferences with their peers abroad, made Christmas cards themselves, which we later sent via snail-mail. The last and maybe the most interesting activity was a trial to sing a Christmas carol or a song in a random chosen foreign language. Our pupils drew a beautiful Armenian carol, which we learned hard, and finally sang. 12