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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Good Ideas, Hard Work, Much Patience by Nicoleta Dinca I discovered eTwinning a few years ago out of pure curiosity. I wanted to do something new, unique and so I started to learn how to use – step by step – all the facilities of the platform. At first I felt alone because many teachers from other countries were not very interested in Romania, but, as people communicate, everything has started to feel closer. Since then, I have been trying to exploit all the opportunities for learning that were offered, to develop projects, to play and to live-and-learn virtually with our partners and with my students. When my partner first responded to one of my messages, I was very happy. Not believing what has been heard from left to right, that the Romanians do not really have credibility, slowly, slowly we have shown that it is not so. We have developed many projects and won eTwinning prizes. I started writing projects and so I managed to attract many partners. It is so that I won. With ideas, with hard work and a lot of patience. The word “collaboration” has turned into “friendship”. Relationship with partners has had an upward trajectory. I exchanged ideas with lots of teachers so that the horizon of my teaching activity has widened considerably. Our experiences have led to common learning and also personal connections. All my projects were useful, fascinating, exciting, full of energy and optimistic. I think that I have learned from each experience. We got acquainted with new technologies and, above all, I became a member of the great family of teachers in Europe. Together We Can Make It by Françoise Altamura, Paola Arduini, Antonella Ciriello, Maria Rosaria Fasanelli and Elena Pezzi We are a team of Italian Ambassadors living far one from the other but strongly collaborating online to spread the eTwinning’s word in different ways… For our group the Italian eTwinning ambassadors’ National conference at L’Aquila, in Sept. 2012, marked a sort of milestone. We had been asked by the National Support Service in Italy to present the Teachers’ Toom “eTwinning e la realtà”, which had been founded by the ambassador Laura Maffei in December 2011 and in the meantime had become the second most active TR after the Helpdesk – in less than one year it had collected more than 1200 posts. Cooperatively, on an online shared document, each of us tried to put together the reasons for that success as an example of sustainable good practice. In L’Aquila, for the first time, we all met in person. One of the first results of our collaboration in that Teachers’ Room has been the publication of seven ebooks (their title? eTwinning e la realtà ebooks!) about eTwinning projects, methodology, eTwinning and Comenius, online collaboration, hints and tips for new eTwinners, international cooperation, etc. We succeeded in involving some of our Italian and European colleagues and the results were really satisfactory! During that same first meeting at L’Aquila we had another idea: why not share our skills and competences in webinars for new eTwinners? We soon understood that it could be a great chance since we would have the opportunity to spread the 119