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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Happy Teaching with eTwinning by Nieves Mendez Ruiz If you asked me what eTwinning means to me as a teacher, I probably would not know what to say at once, but you would immediately see a smile drawn on my face, no doubt. This is a story of renewal, encouragement, innovation and success; that is happy teaching, is it not? eTwinning helped me to develop a connection between our kindergarten and Elementary School Radonice 165, in the Czech Republic. The project theme: “Traditions and cultural values in kindergartens and schools”, with the aim of promoting intercultural exchange experience in order to acquire a complete picture in terms of educational institutions in the world. Education for democracy implies respect, tolerance and understanding of their own culture and other peoples’. Current educational policy takes into account those values. The preschool and primary education curriculum tries to master the traditions and cultural values through Romanian and Czech, in a multitude of ways. For these traditions and values to be known by children in other countries, I have found it useful to establish a unit exchange with a school in the Czech Republic. When I first got involved in eTwinning, I learned one of the most important lessons of my professional life: you are not in the classroom only to teach but also to learn. Working with teenagers in an eTwinning project led me to exchange roles with them, to join them in an action adventure that made me realize their actual ability to get engaged in their task and their powerful creativity. Purposeful activities aimed at the communication with other European teenagers were the magic motivating my students. That is how I became an enthusiastic eTwinner and how I met lots of colleagues to share knowledge and experiences with. Each project is an opportunity to explore new ways, to develop teaching skills and create successful learning environments using all kinds of effective tools in collaboration with your foreign partners. For me, my school, our pupils, eTwinning is a great experience! 116