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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And believe me they shared my enthusiasm. Students whose knowledge of ICT was mostly limited to Facebook operation learnt so many things about web2.0 tools that, to be honest, they taught me much as well. Their enthusiasm continued as they started communicating and exchanging messages with their European partners. eTwinning also offered us the opportunity to realize the idea of unity in diversity. We learnt to respect our partners and accept our differences. Last but not least I have been trying to transfer all the newly taught ideas to my everyday teaching and help my students become 21st century learners, creative, critical thinkers, and hopefully lifelong learners. eTwinning helps me expand my horizons in all respects. It helps me realize the value of personal and professional development and makes me feel happy. Now I am eager to share this unique experience with my colleagues at school, and so far six more teachers have entered the eTwinning family. eTwinning Is the Light into My Teaching Experience by Emine Cag eTwinning has changed my teaching life. I have been a teacher of English at a high school since 1998. In 2009,I read something about eTwinning on an official website of Burdur National Education Directorate. I wondered what it was, then started with and had my own eTwinning desktop and started making new friends from different parts of Europe. At that time, to be honest, I did not have any ability to use the computer or any ICT tools. Everybody was talking about ICT but I did not have any idea what it could be. I learnt a lot about ICT and the eTwinning projects with the help of my friends from Romania, Portugal, and France. I started a new eTwinning project with my friend from France and then everything changed in my classes. My students were very happy as they had friends from abroad and had the chance to communicate in English and used ICT tools in their lessons. The simplicity vanished and the innovation came into my classes with eTwinning projects. So I would like to THANK eTwinning for all that it offers to its members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had experience in the eTwinning Learning Lab and I gained a lot for my personal and professional development. I had the opportunity to take part in the eTwinning annual conference in Budapest in 2010 and it was excellent for me because I met my eTwinning friends there. I have been an eTwinning ambassador since 2010. I have been organising seminars and workshops about the magic of eTwinning in a teacher’s and in the pupils’ life. At the end of every school year, my school headteacher gives presents and the eTwinning quality labels to my students and seeing the happiness and the mark of success on the faces of my students is priceless. Of course, not everything goes on perfectly while implementing eTwinning projects at school. There 114