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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------issue can be a useful tool for knowledge and creativity. eTwinning Forever by Jutta Schwarz What about the use of the web, the link of our time, however, that uses other roads and other means of communication? The web, a new “network of roads” in the contemporary world, and in Europe in particular, implies great integration. Our European ancestors conceived large inter-regional links. And according to roads, the new urban centres were born. What might happen, or is already happening with the modern means of mass communication. In the last years I have taken part in many eTwinning projects. Most of them were excellent and inspiring. I met so many enthusiastic teachers from all over Europe in these projects, and over the years I even had the chance to meet some of them in real life. The hasty man of our time often does not look well at what is out of the vehicles by which he travels; and everything passes before his eyes with the speed of an accelerated film sequence. We live in a time that defines “good” journeys those that have been done on time and with the highest possible speed. We have lost the sense of slow-beauty. And those who have no need of haste (I no longer have the daily concern of the school bell that marks the hours of lessons) can also transmit to the other a newfound sense of beauty, of belonging – so much useful today when we are looking for a common European homeland. For me as a teacher, eTwinning meant more work, sometimes a lot more work – especially with young students the projects do not run by themselves – but I got so much back, and not only me. Most important in eTwinning projects are the students, and eTwinning projects are really rewarding to them. They open their minds, give them the chance for authentic communication in a foreign language and much more, sometimes the projects are even crowned by a prize. eTwinning is so motivating for everyone! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most of my students were thrilled by the idea of chatting and working with students from other 112