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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------time we have lost contact with this past – ethically significant – that we all share, we all had experience as individuals. Why should you refer to what happened in the past if you do not have ethical or moral or psycho-emotional concerns? The antique is perfectly legitimate for people who like all old things, just because they are old. There is no lesson and no real interest for the present. No one owns the past. We are all part of it. We are all free to study it, for any reason, with any instrument. “All in all, you're just another brick in the wall”, Pink Floyd sang in 1979, and their song conquered the youth all over the world. For this reason, the fundamental question is: how to start again for those who are placed out of daily and active engagement in the school? Where to find the resources for the renewal, when everything is going to the sunset of life and the future already seems a distant past? It is a challenge. forbid the post-eTwinning. Reasoning together, I think we could answer questions with innovative projects that restore the dignity of active citizenship education to all those the register office, and only the register office, considers no longer valid for the work. If these are the premises of my argument, what consequences may come, legitimately and without trivializing, I will try to say it. I have never thought about forms of aggregations such as fighters and survivors who, having abandoned their arms, play cards, less bloody but certainly only a pastime. Nor do I think the nice and noble associations of students or teachers of educational institutions, born in order to meet occasionally to revive their memories. I think to continue to work for the school and the pupils in other forms; a commitment finalized yet to the school as a whole. It would be ineffective at this point to indicate a programme with a lot of scanning time and goals. The aim is to continue to consider and be considered belonging to the school community, a membership that qualifies through targeted and shared projects. This newsletter is an example; but we need to put together energies and someone who undertakes the task of leading the roped, such as mountain climbers, who reach the summit together. The web is a great help in setting up a database online for students and for teachers about teaching materials, invitations and suggestions for reading on topics interesting and relevant to them. Let us imagine, for example, making a route on the ancient roads of the European continent, in the ages that have marked our history. Following the waterway of the Danube means to follow the course of European history from the time of the migration of peoples to the formation of new ethnic groups and new nations: Germans and Slavs, Hungarians and Romanians, many peoples and many different origins. Going along the Via Appia is to search for the roots of European civilization: Greece and parts of the Mediterranean, the Hellenic imagination and innocence of origins. Because in the same condition you can find yourself, and certainly other colleagues will be, here is my proposal. eTwinning could continue in other forms even after retirement. In the era of postmodernism, I believe that there is no reason to The roads that run through our Europe have been arteries of communication for centuries, and in some cases thousands of years. There are elements of our daily lives, but usually we do not take care or pay attention. A road is an element of life that should make us reflect. In school the “roads” may be the subject of interdisciplinary study. We can consider it also a triviality, but attention to this 111