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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------our partner schools in Romania and Italy and have applied for an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership grant. It is clear from the Erasmus+ guidelines that eTwinning projects will play a large part in determining who receives the grants, as there has to be a logical progression of the types outlined above. Above all, eTwinning is the first step in enabling the mobilities that we all seek, for ourselves and our pupils. eTwinning has enriched my teaching and the lives of my pupils, and I cannot recommend it too highly. Every committed teacher, whether a language teacher, a geographer or a historian, should be doing eTwinning projects! online projects. A lot of them also participated in various Professional Development Workshops and Contact Seminars. Of course almost all of them began to work on their own projects. That is the reason that now we have a large base of projects for each year’s awards. This year Slovenian ambassadors set off working on webinars – online seminars for beginners, or for advanced eTwinners. On these seminars we present our successful projects. We also explain participants how to work on TwinSpace and where on Desktop they can find useful information. A lot of time we use to show our teachers how to find partners in Europe. This is the thing we have to work more on, and I think it is the major problem also in other countries. Teachers do not want, or do not dare, to start to talk or write. Some of them or maybe the majority are afraid that they do not know other languages very good. Ambassadors’ role is also to arrange li