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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning, an Innovative Approach for My Students and Me by Esther Garcia Ligero Ramirez It was one of my colleagues who spoke to me about eTwinning, a little while ago. He was involved in a Comenius Project and one day he tried to introduce me to this kind of projects, so he showed me the eTwinning portal. From the very beginning I liked the experience very much. To connect and work with teachers from other countries… share experiences and see the different ways of working, teaching… watch and learn about the different educational systems… The latest thing I have done in eTwinning was a Learning Event called “Mobile Apps for Education” and again I have to say that the experience was great and very enriching. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For five years now I have been working on this portal. Although I encountered a few problems while working with it at the beginning, I gladly learnt how to work in a new way. Even if it was hard at first to involve students in the projects and work online with foreign people from different countries, the truth is that it has been worthwhile. 109