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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------audience and that they had a purpose for their learning. We also had a “students’ area” within the blog, where pupils could communicate with one another more freely. In my opinion, this was one of the most successful aspects of the projects, as pupils helped one another out with their language learning, my learners supporting the French students with their English and the French students helping out my students. At the end of the project, many classes had benefitted from the project, learning about life in France as well as improving their French language. Once aware of all of the benefits that eTwinning had to offer, I was keen to involve as many students as possible in international projects. The following year, we worked on projects that were aimed at widening pupil cultural knowledge as well as improving their foreign language use. We established a link with a school in the Netherlands, even running an exchange to work on a history project about life in the trenches during WW1 and life in Victorian England. I know that this project had a profound influence not only on the students involved but also on me. Some pupils even returned to the Netherlands on their summer holidays with their families. We also ran another English Language project about local environmental issues, again something that students were keen to take part in and see what other countries were doing to be environmentally aware. What does eTwinning hold in store for us in the future? Well, we have a centenary WW1 history project with a school in Normandy on the horizon next year as well as a cook book in German. Furthermore, we have a new member of staff joining us who has run eTwinning projects in the past and plans to involve his classes in more projects, so it looks like eTwinning will continue to grow in this area of the northeast of England. For me, eTwinning has become an integral part of my teaching and has given me opportunities and experiences that I could never have enjoyed previously. Thank you, eTwinning! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In more recent years, Michel our school bear, went on a trip around Europe whilst completing a wiki diary in French. He had a really great time in Spain, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Scotland and my students were able to keep up with his travels, while improving their French at the same time. The work they completed as a result of the project was fantastic. We also took part in the highly successful Rainbow Village Project, which has also led to us creating a unit of work within school where pupils create their own country in French or German. 108