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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The four main pillars of the seminar were: 1. Thematic inputs about the Danube Region by experts; 2. Thematic workshops about school cooperation in the Danube Region; 3. Training Workshops; 4. Networking and project partner finding. teaching profession in the Danube Region? The second day of the conference took place at the OeAD-Haus. The participants learnt about the Danube Strategy, Erasmus+ and best practice, and established project ideas through group work, partner finding, defining project ideas, discussing aims, writing applications, registering projects on the eTwinning portal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The official opening and overview of the seminar was on Bertha von Suttner Schulschiff, Donauinselplatz – school ship. The participants learnt about the Danube Region Strategy and cooperation in education, the cooperation in the Danube Region in the past and in the present. There were the workshops, facilitated by experts, which included contributions by teachers who are experienced in international project work. My eTwinning Voyage by Helena Butterfield I first began my eTwinning journey in 2006, after recommendations from Joe Dale. I began eTwinning because I wanted to engage the French learners I had and also provide some focus for a group of keen linguists who came to a club at lunchtime. The first ever project I did was a blogging project with a French school, called “Je blogue, tu blogues… let’s blog!” The key questions of the workshops were: Why do we need to cooperate? What are the challenges in cooperation? What are successful ways of quality assurance in projects and mobilities regarding the Danube Region? What are the challenges of the The project involved pupils from my school and our partner school in Bourges, creating content based on what they had learned in class and commenting on one another’s posts. The thing that the students really liked was that their work finally had a real 107