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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We presented all our projects on 9th March 2014, when our school was open to the public. Especially former students were interested, and I had some interesting talks with those of them who become teachers… maybe I was talking to some future eTwinning members! Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT; Languages: English and national languages of partner countries; Pupils’ age: 6 – 11; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eTwinning, ICT, English and Communication Games by Laura-Maria Gheorghita-Schipor After taking part in a few Learning Events, such as “Finding Partners in eTwinning”, and in the Comenius in-service training “EU-MAGIC – Effective Use of Modern technology And Games In Classrooms”, I took the initiative and registered the eTwinning project “EU-MAGIC”, with 14 partners from Portugal, Turkey, Greece, France, Poland and Romania; it was registered on 23rd November, 2013. This project was about: 1. communication games both in mother tongue and foreign languages (such as How many things can you think of that...?, Blackboard Bingo, What’s the explanation?, Noughts and Crosses, Unusual view, Correcting mistakes, Jumbled numbers, Brainstorm round a concept, Geometrical puzzles etc.), and 2. educational software and tools (such as ActivInspire, Power Point Presentations, Glogster, Prezzi etc). Tools that were used: Chat, e-mail, other software (PowerPoint, video, pictures and drawings), TwinSpace. Aims: to develop digital skills; to develop knowledge on software and tools used in classrooms; to exchange communication games; to practise English language skills; to develop vocabulary; to promote tolerance and self-esteem; to promote team work; to develop knowledge about European countries and cultures. Work process: Searching for more partners: December; Visibility: announcement in each school about the project: December; Each school will have a project team made from teachers and students: December-January; Description of each school and participants in the project - January; Designing project logo - February; Each school will choose the communication games, will practise them with students, will record or take photos and share on eTwinning; the games description will be also shared; then the other schools will practice those games: February March; The materials used during lessons made with Power point presentation, ActiveInspire, Prezi etc will be uploaded on eTwinning; teachers will share ideas about using ICT tools: April - May; Evaluation: June; Dissemination activities: articles: June. Project results: public TwinSpace; articles on schools’ websites; articles in schools’ magazines; articles in educational magazines. 103