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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You will also find the links to the two videos, summarizing our meetings, there. By the way, the piece of Bach we used as the soundtrack for the meeting in Germany is the same we listened to at the cathedral of Oliva in Poland. Elisabethenburg Palace Meiningen told my students the project was a very good idea. I will not get into detail about the people who think projects and exchanges are useless… Last but not least, we could experience everyday life in our neighbouring country and find out the truth about stereotypes. All that would not have been possible if we weren’t living in Poland and Germany: Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk - Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży supported our exchange. So, if you are German or Polish, you should definitely go for it. You can apply for grants covering part of your programme and the travel expenses of the Polish group. In addition to that, local press covered three of our projects; we took part in a local lungs health event and won a prize with our “Be smart, don’t start” song – of course, we also handed out flyers about the project –, and “Europe’s Sweet Tooth” got the attention of pastry chefs and chocolatiers all over Europe. Our charity bake sale, using recipes our partners had published, was in local newspapers, too. The project was visible, but it was perceived in different ways. All the experts I contacted in the preparation process were delighted, the curator of Bachhaus Eisenach immediately offered an additional lecture on Wanda Landowska, who was born in Warsaw and came to Eisenach to play Bach. The curator of the music collections at 102