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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning has been for 7 years a good experience for me as a professional and personally. Since I started in eTwinning my children could develop important skills in curricular areas in an interdisciplinary way but also individually as European citizens, they now have respect for the others and know how to share good experiences with others. I know that society developed a lot in ICT and our children are the digital natives but with eTwinning they could develop new knowledge and new skills in ICT. The work done with children has been a challenge for me, I learned a lot with them, in our partnerships, I made friends in eTwinning and I think that one very important thing is the cooperation between teachers and the good experi ences that we shared. Working with eTwinning is making part of my work with children and I proposed some of the projects for evaluation and I had already won national and European quality labels – it was the recognition and dissemination of my work. I like to participate in all the eTwinning initiatives because it gives children the opportunity to participate and collaborate but it also gives them the opportunity to win something in their lives and be recognized for their work. I like participating in eTwinning Learning Events as well because I can also share experiences with colleagues, but more important for me is to know more from the experts, I think that with others we could improve our practices but also learn more with each other. I participated in two conferences and for me they were both amazing experiences, I saw colleagues and friends who understand, just like me, that the important aim is to develop the competences of children very much. I now know that the good relationship between teachers and eTwinning ambassadors give eTwinning the success that it has. eTwinning is part of my life, and I talk about eTwinning wherever I go. Being an eTwinner is always a challenge that I like and that I promise to continue. Exciting Team work Wonderful Intense Natural Nationality Experience Reflection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100