eTrip Issues Oct. 2013

Etrips Issues There has been some recent changes with Yahoo mail, and in an effort to reduce online storage size, Yahoo have been deactivating inactive accounts. This will result firstly in you being denied access to your online yahoo account, and ultimately you will not receive etrips. We have found a large number of users who have not been receiving etrips, so we suggest everyone checks their yahoo mail account to ensure it is still active, and to ensure you still receive etrips. Some users may be still receiving etrips, but their account has been de-activated, you won’t know this unless you try to login online, ultimately over the coming months they will be disabled entirely. So even if you are still receiving etrips, check online by logging onto and clicking on the ‘Mail’ icon in the top right of screen. When you login with your yahoo account, if you can login and it goes into your yahoo mail account, you are fine, however if you can’t login, and get an “account deactivated” message, you will need to apply for a new yahoo mail account, and then resubscribe separately to etrips. We have loaded a new user guide on the clubs website ( on how to check if your account is still active, and how to re-apply if you have been de-activated. Feel free to contact myself, or any of the Committee (via email please) if you have tried all of the above, and are still having trouble. Please bear in mind, there may be a large number of requests for assistance, so it may take a few days for us to come back to you. Paul Hicks 1466