Essentials Magazine Essentials Spring 2018 - Page 9

Campus Safety will quickly undermine other security measures. Classroom Perimeter • Secure academic wings — strengthen and utilize smoke partition doors to create another interior layer of resistance. • Sightlines — like the exterior, maintaining interior sightlines can be critical to view potential threats. • Door Hardware — all door hard- ware should be a minimum “Grade 1” quality and should be properly installed and maintained. • Doors and frames — inspect for proper alignment for closing and latch- ing, and review door closers and hinges to ensure full functionality. • Enhance glazing with products such as School Guard Glass to delay a forced entry attack. • Communication — the ability to call for help is the second most crit- ical asset after the ability to secure the building perimeter and interior spaces; multiple means of communica- tions should be available and regularly tested. TECHNOLOGY In addition to the aforementioned architectural strategies, technology is also important. The ability to remotely monitor and control doors is para- mount and predicated on knowledge of the incident. The use of well-de- signed video surveillance systems and other ancillary components provide the supporting data to effect actions of initiating a lock-down or other incident response procedure. When designing a technological system that supports safety measures it is import- ant to remember several points. These include: • Design a security program first and then determine the technolog- ical tools that will best support that program. • Use technology as a tool to help mitigate the campus risk profile. • Understand the capabilities of the staff tasked with monitoring the tech- nology put in place. • Organize and implement security technology so it can be used as a force multiplier. OPERATIONS Operations include communications, information sharing and situational awareness for everything related to campus activities. However, no amount of planning can prevent a threat if those within the school are not properly trained, empowered, and supported. When designing the operations plan there are several points to keep in mind: • Develop programs to increase awareness of the campus population including interactive sessions, technol- essentials | 9