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Member Spotlight of age groups from infants and toddlers to teens and adults. In terms of quality, we take pride in the fact that our car- pets are all American made. We are the only early child- hood manufacturer licensed to use STAINMASTER® brand fiber, so our products are as durable as they are attractive. And we stand behind our carpets with comprehensive warranties for peace of mind. HOW HAS YOUR COMPANY ADAPTED? We listen closely to our customers and monitor industry trends to make sure we bring relevant and innovative products to market. Also, we strive to partner with our customers wherever possible to help them navigate the retail landscape and adapt to the con- stantly changing, technological world of e-commerce. WHAT HAS MADE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFUL? WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT THE EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY? This industry is comprised of many small, family-run busi- nesses not unlike our own. While we enjoy the casual business atmosphere, we also appreciate the professionalism of the individuals we work with on a daily basis. WHAT IS YOUR TYPICAL DAY LIKE? in the most efficient and cost-effec- tive manner possible. There is also an interesting change in how business is conducted as millennials begin to work with and replace older generations. As always, it’s important to stay current with these trends. Joy Carpets’ long term success is pred- icated on a broad, diversified customer base with a commitment to the highest levels of quality, value, selection, and service. WHAT ONE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OTHERS IN OUR INDUSTRY? The education industry is small…. never burn your bridges. n I work a standard 8AM-5PM work week. My daily activities revolve around managing the sales, market- ing, and product development teams. I have never considered myself an artistic person, but I particular- ly enjoy the creative outlets that marketing and product development provide. HOW HAS EDMARKET HELPED YOUR BUSINESS? EDmarket is an invaluable resource for Joy Carpets. The organization has been instrumental in helping us asso- ciate with a broad range of dealers and industry professionals that have been keys to our long-term success. WHAT CHANGES ARE YOU WITNESSING IN THE EDUCATIONAL MARKETPLACE? In terms of the industry as a whole, there has been noteworthy business consolidation through the years. Sales channels are also changing rapidly, and we monitor these changes to ensure we bring products to market Learn. Play. Explore. Imagine. Jonti-Craft is your complete solution to create spaces that engage, inspire, and protect young learners of all ages. 800.543.4149 essentials | 5