Essentials Magazine Essentials Spring 2018 - Page 4

NAME NICK DOBOSH COMPANY JOY CARPETS & CO. YEARS IN THE EDUCATION BUSINESS WHEN WAS YOUR COMPANY FOUNDED AND HOW? Joy Carpets was founded by my grand- father in 1981 with a goal of providing specialty floor covering to Residen- tial, Hospitality, Commercial, and Educational Markets. The company remains family owned and operated, and the educational market has grown to become extremely important to our business. We are proud to have served the education industry for 37 years, and we hope to continue our legacy of innovation, value, and service for years to come. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB? My first job was at FujiFilm Chemicals working in the environmental depart- 4 essentials | spring 2018 ment. Obviously, this was completely unre- lated to the flooring industry or education industry. I never ex- pected my professional career to take the path it has. TITLE PRESIDENT 19 1988 HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS BUSINESS? After making the decision to work for Joy Carpets, my introduction to the educational products business came by virtue of being in the flooring business. For many years, Joy Carpets manufac- tured carpets and rugs for children, but our focus was outside the education MEMBER SINCE industry. However, as demand for rugs increased in early childhood class- rooms, Joy Carpets increased its focus on this market to the point where it has now become one of our most import- ant market segments. WHAT MAKES YOUR COMPANY UNIQUE? We provide the largest assortment of ear- ly childhood rugs in the industry in sizes, shapes, and color options that will com- plement any interior d├ęcor. Additionally, our rug designs appeal to a broad range