Essentials Magazine Essentials Spring 2018 - Page 22

BY JASON BADER Do you want fries with that? Driving Add-On Sales D o you want fries with that? We hear it every time we visit our favorite flavor of fast food chain. The fact of the matter is that these folks have mastered the art of add on sales. They understand that the menu item rarely stands on its own. On the contrary, the satisfaction of the purchase is enhanced by the additional complimentary items. There exists a desire to better serve the customer; and let’s not forget that for every dollar in cost, the fast food chain can sell approximately 20 orders of fries. Now most whole- sale distributors can only dream of making such a lofty mark- up, the principle remains the same. Selling complimentary products will drive gross margin dollars to new heights and improve overall customer service. 22 essentials | spring 2018