Essentials Magazine Essentials Spring 2018 - Page 18

EDchannel Distribution How to leverage ESAs to maximize your ROI The bottom line is that you need to understand your target states and really take the time to do a deep dive on what types of agencies are in place, and what the politics are relative to your solution. It will vary greatly based on the focus of your solution, so you need to find out whether your target state’s ESA has programs that support hardware, soft- ware, special education solutions, etc. This should be a mandatory compo- nent of the territory plans your sales reps develop. From a company level you should develop resources to support these ESA programs. Be perceived as a partner that can help make the pro- grams more successful, helping them provide value added services to their Be perceived as a partner that can help make the programs more successful, helping them provide value-added services to their constituent districts. constituent districts. This should make them more likely to want to work with you. Here are two simple tried and true methods that work over and over: Lunch and Learns Really do Work ESAs always want to be able to provide the latest and greatest info to their districts, so if you offer to cover cost of a lunch at a regional meet- ing they will often let you conduct a presentation. If that presentation has more of a focus on how to solve a common problem, versus just being a Reinvent How You Sell to Schools Discover the simpler way to manage all your education sales and marketing initiatives. Campus is an all-in-one cloud based solution with: • Data to fuel your marketing campaigns • Information to drive your sales outreach • Powerful tools to accelerate your sales & marketing programs See for yourself at Ready to start using Campus? Call 800.395.5550, ext. 2. 18 essentials | spring 2018 product pitch, they may even let you come back each semester. Train the Trainer Simple but powerful. If an ESA has a professional development focus it can save you tons of money. Deliv- ering professional development on your product is perhaps one of the lowest margins in revenue gener- ation. When you add in your costs for staff that can cover the nation by flying everywhere and not generat- ing new revenue, it can be daunting emotionally and costly. When you