Essential Vancouver Magazine 2016-2017 - Page 68

Vancouver Life Ever-evolving neighbourhoods reveal a kaleidoscopic vision of this liveable, loveable city text doris ecker + artwork luciana alvarez Coal Harbour, with Harbour Centre and the sails of Canada Place 66  DOWNTOWN Harmonic convergence on a pedestrian-friendly scale — that’s the essence of the city’s vibrant downtown core. Historic buildings and the sparkling façades that inspired author Douglas Coupland to call Vancouver “City of Glass” meld into an appealing streetscape that holds its own against mountain and water views. Take a walk on Vancouver’s natural side from the bustling cruiseship terminus, along the waterfront past the greenroofed Convention Centre West Building to the forested jewel in Vancouver’s crown, Stanley Park. Or stroll through time, past the relief-encrusted Art Deco Marine Building (1930), Sinclair Centre (1911), the Vancouver Lookout (1977), Holy Rosary Cathedral (1900), the Colosseum-shaped Public Library (1995) and the s K\Y\[][[ܚSH JK&\[\Z[[] HY]\ NBY] K[ H[^\K\[[ۜ[BH\H]\]Y\[\ܚXZ[[‚HHHHHHT  M H ‚X]\وX[ˈYYZ[\[\[[K[۝۸&\[[\H[\B[]\8%[P\X[[\\[H[[[\YY]\[X[]HZ[[\[ܚY[[Y] Y\ˈ]8&\[X\H[XHB]YY[[^X]X]Kܜ][H[ܘ[[BY][\Z[Y[[Y\˂ДӈQU[H[&]X[H]Hܛۙ[وH\ۂ؜ۋH[X[ܘ[[K^H[Y \]\[\[Y\\HX^]]X[Z[ [ݚ[\[ۚ\\ Z\H\]ܜ[HYKX[ XK\Y[ܛ ۈ؜ۂ]X\KH[\X[ \]][ \[H[]\\[\K[ݘ]Y[ NN H[X]Y\]X\\\Xۋ\\ܚH[ۙY[YX[\\[\][ۘ[^X][ۜB\H[YK\ܞHY[[\BܞHوHXHp[YH0\]YB