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Essential Install | News Will Li-Fi become a major part of networking? Li-Fi Demonstrated At LuxLive Making its debut at lighting show LuxLive, an audience was witness to video content played via a Li-Fi Internet connection, in the first ever demonstration at LuxLive of its kind. The experiment was carried out by Dr Harald Burchardt, chief operating officer at pureLiFi, a Scottish company currently developing and delivering Li-Fi solutions. The Li-Fi system was connected via USB to a tablet. When Dr Harald stood directly beneath the Power over Ethernet adapted stage lights, a network was quickly detected. Speaking to LuxReview, Harald noted: “Li-Fi technology has the ability to widen the capacity of our wireless communication options.” However, the signal started to fade quickly as he moved further from the light, suggesting the technology still only has a short range. “Every light has a limited amount of coverage,” Harald clarifies. “Each fixture offers a range of sixty degrees and seven to eight square metres. The use of multiple Li-Fi luminaires will act to widen the available amount of coverage to users.” During his talk in the IoT Arena at LuxLive, Harald commented that he does not consider Li-Fi to be a replacement to Wi-Fi, but wished it instead to be viewed as a, ‘secure extension to already available layers of communication’. Theoretically, Li-Fi is quicker than Wi-Fi, although currently this has only been proven in a lab setting. However, it does possess the scope to be even faster in the future. The innovation is described by experts as a secure, electromagnetic, interference free solution, combining the security of a wired Internet connection with the flexibility of Wi-Fi. This coupled with the potential for improved speed and encryption, puts Li-Fi in good stead to be a very interesting addition to future networks. SCP More Information: pureLi-Fi +44 (0)131 5161816, SnapAV Acquires Autonomic Snap Decision, Autonomic has been acquired by SnapAV SnapAV designs and manufacturers more than 1,800 electronic home solutions for both residential and commercial channels, but has expanded again with the company acquiring Autonomic, the company behind the Mirage audio system. While not perhaps a major name in the UK, SnapAV is responsible for many install brands including SunbriteTV, Wattbox, OvrC, Dragonfly, Luma Surveillance and Araknis Networks. The company has also become a prolific distributor in the US, responsible for distributing Atlona, Pioneer, SureCall and URC. In recent months SnapAV has been on a spending spree. Last month it announced an acquisition of security maker Visualint and has now added the Autonomic name to its growing roster of brands available in the UK. Despite its acquisition spree, SnapAV plans to inject its own lifeblood into the brands that are now in its portfolio. This means not solely focusing on the high-end, but also offering affordable solutions. Adam Levy, president of SnapAV, says that we can expect from Autonomic a similar situation to the Sunbrite acquisition, which was completed last year. In less than one year, SnapAV brought out improved and more price competitive outdoor TVs for sale through the company’s e-commerce platform. With more financial muscle and a larger organisation behind it, Autonmomic may well see a similar development cycle. While SnapAV may circumvent distributors in the US, the company doesn’t plan to shake things up in the UK just yet as there are no current plans to change the UK distribution via Invision UK. More Information: Invision UK +44 (0)1359 270280, December 2016 | 7 News.indd 7 14/12/2016 16:56