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Essential Install | Products From Pro To The Home With JBL The 4429 is designed to reproduce the dynamic richness and detail of the original performances at all listening levels UK AV distributor Karma-AV, has launched details of two new JBL studio monitors that promise to bring professional-grade audio to the home. The JBL 4367 and 4229 studio monitors both feature a brand new acoustic system with classic JBL design. The JBL 4367 incorporates drivers and technologies derived from the company’s M2 Master Reference Monitor. It utilises JBL’s patented D2 compression driver technology featuring the D2430K dualdiaphragm/dual-voice-coil driver, which employs two annular (ring-shaped) diaphragms and two voice coils to deliver extended high frequency response to 40kHz with low distortion even at high volume levels. The annular diaphragms are supposedly not subject to the break-up modes of a conventional dome surface and the use of two voice coils yields a dramatic increase in output and power handling. The D2 driver operates into JBL’s newly developed High-Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguide, which provides a neutral frequency response both on and off-axis in vertical and horizontal planes, together with a frequency blend with the woofer. JBL’s 2216Nd 380mm Differential Drive cast aluminium frame woofer from the M2 is modified with a new spider and surround treatment. It employs a pure pulp cone material, dual 75mm voice coils and dual neodymium motor structures. The JBL 4367 features front-panel high frequency and ultra-high frequency trim adjustments for the fine-tuning of audio response. Its heavy-duty dual binding posts allow bi-amping or bi-wiring while its 94dB sensitivity and six-ohm impedance enable the 4367 to be driven to volume levels by up to 300W maximum amplifier power. The 4367’s bass-reflex enclosure includes dual front-firing ports and is internally braced at critical points to ensure maximum clarity and definition. The JBL 4429 system is an updated version of the company’s 4425 studio monitor with some improvements added including the addition of a 19mm titanium diaphragm, ultra-high frequency compression driver (138Nd) and an improved 50mm titanium diaphragm high frequency compression driver (175Nd-3) in a one-piece SonoGlass horn system. A new crossover network provides a smooth handover with a 300mm JBL pure-pulp cone woofer (1200FE-8) augmented by twin reflex ports in an improved, braced cabinet for quick, tight bass, which complements a natural, wellfocused midrange and clear, distinct highs. More information: karma av +44 (0)1423 358846, Make Light Work Of It With Russound The XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier and accessories have been created specifically for the light commercial sector Connected Distribution, the Russound UK distributor, is introducing the XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier to give installers a versatile product for building business in the light commercial sector. The first Russound 70v model to be launched, the XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier is a high resolution digital media streaming source that enables very long run and multiple speaker installations for commercial environments. Incorporating the company’s XStream technology, the XZone70V provides streaming audio content from the cloud via vTuner, TuneIn and Spotify, from a local network and Apple AirPlay devices. Its 70v/100v amplifier provides up to 300W of power in a single 1U chassis. Additional sources can be connected via a rear mounted USB socket for use with a flash drive or external hard drive and a 3.5mm input jack gives the flexibility to add any other local source to the system. Useful for commercial installations is the integrated microphone input that automatically senses a signal and pauses the audio stream for paging through the system. Condenser microphone support is easily accessed with a sliding switch on the rear panel, in addition to a mic gain control for adjustment of the audio level and a front panel mic volume level that gives users access to increase speech volume as the environment dictates. Overcoming the limitations of 70v line systems, namely the potential for saturation of even the best speaker transformers and hence distortion when running low frequencies through them, the XZone70 incorporates a dedicated high pass filter to block these signals. When used in the optional 4-ohm mode, with traditional loudspeakers, the high pass filter is switched out of the circuit to permit the full frequency range to reach the speakers. Russound has also produced a number of dedicated 70v accessories for use with the XZone70V, including the all-weather AW70V6 speakers and a 50W 70V volume control, which can be used at each speaker location for individual adjustment of level. More Information: Connected Distribution + 44 (0) 1242 511133 December 2016 | 71 Products.indd 71 14/12/2016 17:13