Essential Install December 2016 - Page 65

Essential Install | MQA An MQA timeline from conception to present day MQA tries to re-create what was heard when a recording was created said: “The DEG is a great platform for industry-wide innovation and co-operation on key issues that affect the entertainment industry and its consumers. We are excited to be collaborating on a variety of initiatives with fellow DEG members in the future, including cross-promotions and key industry events.” Spencer expands on the advantages and opportunities MQA represents: “A key strength of MQA is that it can stream, it is delivered in a file just marginally bigger than a CD quality one would. We have raised a generation to expect poor quality. It is the only entertainment industry that has done this. Whilst everywhere else, the standards have been getting higher such as with moving images, the music industry went backwards in terms of quality to deliver convenience. Many people simply have never heard music that sounds like MQA. “In many ways the industry has things the wrong way around. When vinyl records were popular, all the information was contained in the recording. How good you could make it sound depended on the equipment, but everyone had the same opportunity for a really good experience. With early digital music, this was not the case, so with the quality of equipment suffered. Now with MQA, all that opportunity is back, even if you do play a track on your phone, it will sound the very best that it can on that device; invest in something a little more capable and consumers will be able to enjoy just what the artist intended, in fact what they heard when the track was recorded.” Will MQA change the way artists perceive what they can do with a recording then? Spencer says: “We can’t control what artists do and don’t decide to do, but what we can do is provide them with a platform that allows them to deliver as much of the original recording to their audience as possible. When people hear the technology for the first time, we often get comments like