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Essential Install | Acoustic Treatment & Tuning proprietary multi-panel and scattering panels to optimise acoustics, resonance, reverberation and reflection specific to each project. Stay Tuned Getting a room to sound ‘right’ can also involve making sure all the AV kit is doing what it should, how it should and when it should. Experienced installer and audio engineer, Wayne Hyde, now offering his services in this area, comments: “In recent years, the pro audio market has been able to offer manipulation of acoustic spaces electronically. So as well as mechanically providing control of absorption and diffusion through various surfaces and panels and bass traps, spaces can select a sound pre-set and present an audio character for the room. This is through an application of multiple microphones and loudspeakers; there’s a constant monitoring of the acoustic space and then an acoustic character or sound emanating from the loudspeakers. “For example, a room that’s 4x4x4m could have a soft reverb applied to that space that represents a room of twice the size, or half the size. Being able to genuinely convince people standing in a room that it sounds bigger, or has hard surfaces or very different acoustics from the way it looks can only be possible if the microphones, processing and speakers are all high quality.” Switching to the home, Wayne explains: “Now in the residential CI world, we are seeing more and more of pro audio brands getting their foot in the door. So it’s quite possible that the technology I’ve mentioned may make its way into our home cinema and media rooms, or even for rooms where there is nothing happening at all. “So, an installer might be able to sell a chill out, yoga or meditation room that doesn’t offer music for example. A room where you can control the ambience, reject outside noise or the noise of appliances that might be whirring away inside the house. A noise cancelling room if you like! “Mixing up this technology with surround sound processors could be interesting. First you lay the foundation of the room acoustics with the ‘pseudo space’ as described above. Then, on top of that, the room correction processing and EQ could possibly be kept to a minimum because we’ve created a much better space for the 3D audio surround sound movie mix. “The possibilities are endless and exciting and even though we really don’t want more loudspeaker companies coming in to compete with the residential market, some will however have technology that will push things forward. Then there’s the steerable audio, but that’s for another feature in EI!” Coming back to where we are right now with residential installations, Wayne explains: “I offer a range of audio calibration packages to installers who want to deliver the right sound to their clients. Too often at the last stages of a media room installation there just isn’t time to really sit down with the client and discuss what they expect and what they want to hear from their new surround sound system. Or maybe the engineer who went on the audio courses is stuck on a Lutron job on the other side of the city! “Even once you’ve gathered that information from the client, fully checking a surround sound package, wire by wire, setting by setting can take a full day. I’ve a 50 point check list, built up from working with home cinema and media rooms since 2005. Very often, the fault behind a poor sounding room is not because the calibration EQ wasn’t set to it’s optimum, it’s nearly always an out-of-polarity speaker, wrongly left and right the wrong way round, bass management set wildly wrong! CineSound Calibration spots and rectifies these mistakes and delivers the original promise to your client. The process makes more time available for your engineers to complete other aspects of the installation to a high level.” More Information: GIK Acoustics Europe +44(0)203 815 8608, Anthem AV Solutions +44 (0)1359 270280, Hyde Audio Consultants +44 7904 585 246, CAS +44 (0)1952 580524, Acoustic GRG +44 (0)1303 230944, Blue Frog Audio 07800 952 474, 60 | December 2016 Acoustic Treatment.indd 60 14/12/2016 17:10