Essential Install December 2016 - Page 61

Essential Install | Acoustic Treatment & Tuning CAS offers a wide range of choices and bespoke designs to suit many types of commercial or domestic projects All GIK Acoustics products are also tested independently by either Salford University in the UK, or Riverside Laboratories in the US and the company publishes all the PDFs of all its tests from the company website. This means that not only do the products perform to the standards advertised, but acoustic designers can model the products into their designs with confidence that they will perform to the stated standards. Education is another priority with GIK, with the company looking to further the field of acoustics and present its knowledge to customers in easy to understand articles and videos. David Shevyn, general manager, for the company, says: “We want to ensure everyone gets the best sound out of their room and understand how sound works within the room and tips on how to make your room sound better. We present seminars on How To Set Up your room and room acoustics around the world, presenting at such shows as Munich High End and the Indulgence Show in London and from Amsterdam, Paris and Milan this year.” Environmental concerns are also addressed as the company has fabrics which are 100% recycled and uses materials and wood that are from sustainable forests. The company is not resting on its laurels however; look out for some new products and innovations in 2017, including a new interior design-friendly range. Another key player in the market is Contemporary Acoustic Solutions (CAS). The company says all its products offer exceptional acoustic absorption performance, delivering high absorption coefficient ratings independently verified by the University of Salford Acoustic Department. CAS says it offers a wide range of colours and different fabric ranges not offered by competitors as well as custom printed panels. The maker can also manufacture panels to any size or thickness to treat specific frequencies. CAS holds one of only a few melamine foam licences in the country, allowing the company to purchase and convert melamine foam from its raw state. The company says melamine foam offers many benefits over glass and rock wool that will benefit many projects. The material releases few to none Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and releases no dust or particles into the air. The adhesives that bond the fabric to the core release no VOCs or chemicals either and the material is also lightweight at only 9-11kg m3 and complies with Class 0 fire regs. This means the panels never ignite and release less heat energy into the room, therefore reducing the propagation of any fire. The company says many glass and generic acoustic foam products will release harmful chemicals into the air and will also ignite and propel the fire throughout the property. CAS adds that melamine also provides a much neater and sharper edge and can be profiled to any dimension unlike glass wool products. The manufacturer offers a large range of absorption panels in any thickness up to 500mm and produces a wide range of melamine bass traps to standard and custom designs. The company can provide support for many different types of applications across domestic and light comm