Essential Install December 2016 - Page 58

Essential Install | Acoustic Treatment & Tuning Jorge, says: “Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction, I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can remember. “Driven by the challenges of unravelling the mysteries of sound, I have been traveling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation. Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.” A further endorsement of the company’s acoustic and aesthetic prowess was seen recently in a project where the company supplied its wood acoustic panels for a project at the Vienna Volksoper (People’s Opera House). Artnovian surfaces are designed for performance and good looks as well Experienced operator Acoustic GRG underlines the fact that as in-home audio and cinema has increased in sophistication, the installers access to information on how to deal with the most important part of the installation (the room itself) has not always kept pace. The acoustic performance of a room can of course have a huge impact on the sound quality of the system and RPG is here to help combat hard reflective surfaces which introduce unwanted reflections that can colour the sound and reduce stereo imaging and sound clarity, or offer solutions for small rooms which can suffer from modal problems, making high and low pressure zones that negatively impact on bass reproduction, further reducing the audio quality. Mathew Moule from the company adds: “Many of today’s audio systems have a room correction feature, but all of these rely on active systems to cut or boost frequencies to control the way the system performs in a given space, however these systems do not cure the problem, they simply alter the audio output to compensate for the room faults. “Acoustic treatments are still a very valid passive system of control for rooms with multi-channel audio. These treatments, when correctly applied, make the room as flat as possible so that the audio system can function at its best without the need to alter the signal much more than necessary.” Using RPG’s mix of absorbing panels, diffusers and bass traps, installers can control excess reflections, modal problems and improve imaging, special perception, speech intelligibility and clarity. Panels are available as traditional fabric wrapped absorbing panels but are also available in a raft of different materials, from acoustical plaster, Gypsum, timbers, fabrics, plastics and recycled materials. This big range of materials allows the room designers the freedom to move away from the traditional fabric covered walls, instead making the acoustic treatments as an integral part of the décor. Acoustic GRG also offers full acoustic design services, manufacture, supply and install if needed. Blue Frog Audio manufactures acoustic treatment products for a whole range of spaces, including recording studios, hi-end home hi-fi rooms, home cinema rooms as well as commercial spaces. The company also offers free advice on how best to approach the acoustic design of spaces based on calculations (reverb time calculations and modal analysis) as well as on site acoustic testing service, using up to date software and measurement microphones/ meters. The company also delivers with 3D scale model plans, manufacturing the acoustic treatments to exact specifications (including custom sized units) and support with final installation. Blue Frog specialises in the manufacture of fabric covered sound absorber panels and bass control units. These range from thin BF-075 type absorber panels for treatment of excessive reverberation and mid and high frequency reflections, up to large corner mounted devices for full range control of the audio spectrum (including low bass). Whilst the thinner panels are well suited to offices/classrooms etc, it’s the larger panels and bass control units that are called into action for when listening accuracy is needed. The product range is split into three main categories: acoustic panels, used for targeted / spot treatment of mid and high frequency reflections in critical listening spaces. The acoustic panels/bass traps are for control of reflections / reverberation times in critical listening spaces and bass (modal) control down to 80hz and corner bass controllers for control of low frequencies in critical listening spaces such as home cinema, hi-end hi listening rooms and recording studios. GIK Acoustics is another company offering an impressive level of expertise, treating over 5,000 rooms worldwide annually with acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusors from its locations in Europe and the U.S. The company has the ability to deliver solutions for recording studios, listening rooms, RFVG&W2&W7FW&G26W&6W22vV2ƗfRfVVW2vWfW"t6W7F7262BBǒ&fFW2&vR6VV7FbvVƗGV6g&VFǒ&GV7G2Bff&F&P&6W2'WB6&fFW26ƖVG2vF&fW76FW6v767F6RBg&VFǒ7W'B7FfbFV6WfRFP&W7B6W7F6ǒ6VFr76R76&Rt6W7F72&FW2G6VbƗfrWFG2&6W2b'W6W72v66VFRvWfV`7W7FW"6W'f6RFVƗfW&rg&VRƖR6W7F0Gf6R6W'f6RvW&RFR66V7FW'0FW6v&2"7FF2FR626&pfF&VrRbFR7B7FfRFW6vW'0bWr6WF2&VBFRU2FVFVB&GV7G2&PFW6vVBBW7BFvB'WBV6&GV7B2FPFW&f&7V6f26W7F2gV7FF2w2FP6F6fR6W7F2&&V2vFRbFP&GV7G2g&G2fW'gV6W7F2F&ࠣSbFV6V&W"#`6W7F2G&VFVBFBS`B"#bs