Essential Install December 2016 - Page 57

Essential Install | Acoustic Treatment & Tuning Artnovian has delivered a stunning sounding and aesthetically sensitive solution to the 19th century build Vienna Volksoper Room For Improvement Daniel J Sait speaks to some of the companies who can help transform your projects from good, to very good. The Artnovion brand (available in the UK from Anthem AV Solutions) is designed to combine art and innovation (hence the name) to create beautiful as well as effective acoustic panels. Steeped in Italian approach to design, Artnovion’s products are suitable for residential and commercial properties and installed correctly, deliver a dramatically improved audio performance as well as a stunning focus to any location, says the maker. The treatments are made to be simple to install and offer a selection of multi-dimensional finishes. A problem often associated with acoustic treatments is that they don’t look attractive; the brand takes this issue head on, creating treatments that you can’t help but notice. The manufacturer says this makes for happier clients, more potential for increased sales and also helps to keep architects and interior designers happy. The family includes absorbers, bass traps and diffusers offering soundproofing by controlling sound levels and delivering improved sound quality by shaping the way sound interacts within the room. Installers can also call on the Artnovion acoustics App called Impulso, which is designed to help with tuning rooms without requiring specialist training. Room measurement can be carried out in a few easy steps via the software’s intuitive interface. Installers then configure the sound levels within the App and click ‘Go’. As well as measuring the room, the App allows installers to pick the best Artnovion products for each room and then automatically simulates how the room’s acoustics will improve, showing a reverberation time graph. Going into a little more detail product-wise, the designs look to offer a continuous visual pattern, creating the illusion of 3D perspectives. The tuned products cover the full spectrum, from low to mid or high frequencies and the innovative design of the rear panels’ air cavities are designed to provide maximum absorption surface and extra absorption coefficient efficiency, smoothing the absorption frequency spectrum. The products can be used on walls, ceilings and corners, with easy acces