Essential Install December 2016 - Page 47

Essential Install | Security DID YOU KNOW: Burglars usually go to the master bedroom first Biometrics are on the rise via platforms such as Invixium Select cameras from the range incorporate Intelligent Video Software (IVS) with functions such as tripwire, scene change, object removal/abandonment, facial detection and auto-tracking, which enable automatic detection under rulemaking. The installer just needs to define the target and the trigger (recording, alarm, email alert) in the software. These smart functions provide the integrator with more precise video analysis capabilities, making surveillance easier and more efficient, says the supplier. For control and integration, Dahua’s DMSS smart phone and tablet Apps for Apple iOS and Android devices allow multi-site accessibility across all devices. They support live view, retrieve playback and control devices via smart phone or tablet. In addition, Dahua Technology offers integration with third-party control systems including Control4, Compass, RTI, Enado, AMX, Crestron and Savant. Pro-Vision distribution provides access to several key brand including Videx, the door entry experts. The manufacturer has recently enhanced its vandalresistant door panel range by including a new selection of proximity, fingerprint and coded access readers. These enhancements mean door systems can include a sophisticated access control solution which can be managed centrally by those responsible for building management in residential areas and commercial spaces. Users have a choice of access control technologies whether that’s fingerprint access, proximity access (both Mifare and EM technologies) or coded access. It also enables integration with other access control doors that do not require intercom, but need to be managed as one with the intercom system. The readers provide their own unique benefits to the door panel range. For example, there are proximity readers available for Mifare and EM technology cards and fobs as well as a fingerprint reader and a back lit coded access keypad. The proximity readers and fingerprint readers have a tri-colour halo illumination to indicate a ready state (amber), access granted (green) and access denied (red). All readers have an industry standard Wiegand output so they can be connected to the Videx Portal Plus access control system or any third-party access control systems supporting the Wiegand protocol. RGB Communications is another supplier offering access to biometric entry systems, this time via Invixium Merge fingerprint readers. With Invixium Merge fingerprint readers a key is no longer necessary for controlling access to a home, or individual rooms. Multiple fingerprints can be stored, so each resident no longer needs to remember keys, fobs, cards, PIN codes or smartphones. Fingerprints that don’t match, or are outside of scheduled access periods are refused entry. Rather than being a barrier to one time or occasional users, RGB says that in fact temporary or onetime authorisations are stand-out benefits of biometric access control. The distributor says that it is important to understand that the Invixum Merge is not itself a physical door lock, but rather a secure way of operating conventional and electro-mechanical door-strikes. So, if necessary, a door can always have a conventional lock and key as well as biometric access. The Merge is a compact and vandal resistant IP device that uses Android based touch screen technology, capable of integration with Savant, Control4 and others using the included free drivers. Users can December 2016 | 45 Security.indd 45 15/12/2016 17:24