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Essential Install | Security DID YOU KNOW: Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Habitech provides access to the capable range of Dahua security products about is homeowners having their drives laid with gravel; it puts potential burglars off as they cannot approach the house without making noise. This type of idea got us thinking, that systems like a burglar alarms are an attempt to solve a problem after it has already happened. What you really want to do is prevent intruders considering a dwelling at all. There are other simple solutions you can recommend like special glass in key areas which cannot be broken from the outside.” Phil argues: “The trend these days is to move deterrents and defensive systems to the border of the property’s grounds; discrete cameras, IR beams and the like which pick up intruders before they get near the house. Cameras are much smaller these days and can see further and in more challenging conditions, so they can do their job without being obvious advertisements that the house is worth taking a look at. It’s also worth remembering that figures show that 80% of burglaries occur by gaining access through the front door, so this area is the most vulnerable. It’s also worth noting that wired is always going to be more secure than wireless, so bear that in mind with any type of security system.” Habitech distribution is home to the Dahua brand of cameras, designed to offer a solution to pretty much any resi application, internal and external. Its IP network camera range includes Dome, Eyeball Dome, Bullet, PTZ and ultra-discreet models with up to 4K 8MP and 12MP capability, offering Ultra High Definition streaming at low bitrates. Supporting these resolutions, a range of five Network Video Recorders with HDD capacity of up to 16TB is desinged to provide a stable platform with high bandwidth and direct 4K HDMI outputs for live display and playback. Cameras and NVRs are connected via a single PoE/PoE+ Ethernet cable for high signal quality, easier installation and greater convenience. LILIN have been manufacturing commercial CCTV equipment since 1980, we are now the leading brand globally for video surveillance in the Smart Home market. Our professional grade equipment delivers remarkable 1080p - 4K video quality for the high-end residential market; backed by 3 year warranties and UK support. Working very closely with the manufacturers of the automation systems that control modern Smart Homes, we have developed drivers that enable the deepest possible integration of our products with those systems. This means you can easily watch live video from your cameras on your TVs, but perhaps more importantly you can control the playback of the recorded video, selecting different camera views, freeze frame, fast forward and rewind all using the same remote control that you use to watch Netflix. Powerful HD multi-camera recording at your fingertips. INVISION UK IS LILIN’S PARTNER AND DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE CUSTOM INSTALL SECTOR IN THE UK 01359 270280 December 2016 | 43 Security.indd 43 15/12/2016 17:23