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Essential Install | Security DID YOU KNOW: 80% of burglaries gain access through the front door courses that add skills and knowledge. All our tech support is quality controlled through a ticketing system. We intend to be quick, correct and helpful and wherever possible we want to educate, not just solve problems.” Jason argues that big opportunities exist: “We’ve seen enough market research to see that security is a key driver for the end user. Historically, security has not been integrated so well and the install may well have been done by security installers. We believe that the Custom Integrator should be delivering video surveillance in order to ensure proper integration and simpler operation; from our experience they tend to do a fantastic job of it!” Jason also argues that security can now become part of the automation process too: “lP works really well in these applications, not just in terms of delivering video, but also control and integration. We’ve been delivering much smarter solutions as a result of this. For example, a scenario can be configured to trigger a camera to send an email with a snapshot to an address with a specific message e.g. ‘door left open after I0pm, picture attached.’ We’re also now releasing products that have additional functions tailored for CI - such as temperature sensing and controllable digital inputs and outputs.” So what about other new products? Jason explains: “We have just launched our new door station, an exciting new addition to the LILIN product range. An exceptional way to add two-way communication, video identification and entry control to surveillance systems, the door station enables integration with third party SIP products, allowing the streaming of audio and HD video via a direct connection with other SIP compliant devices. We want to be the first choice for video surveillance in the CI sector globally. We feel it is a perfect fit for our company and we really do enjoy working in this sector.” LILIN also adds that comprehensive and top quality drivers for all its products for all the main home automation platforms are available. Jason concludes: “We are a true manufacturer, not a re-brander or importer. We know our products and along with our UK distribution partner Invision UK, we are able to support our customers to deliver an impressive system that goes beyond the end-users’ expectations.” Bespoke Telecoms offers access to and full support for the Panasonic range of access control and telecoms platforms. The company can create bespoke systems for each property, with full integration for its comms and gate/door e ntry systems for Crestron and Control4 (mobile phones can also become part of the system too). Working directly with installers, the company can take over door/gate entry and internal comms, so installers can concentrate on other parts of the project. The company can also supply and fit (if needed) the Panasonic range of IP CCTV, fully integrated with the rest of the property’s systems for at home or away from home viewing and control. Some key functionality on the ranges include PTZ cameras within the gate and door panel entry systems and the ability to record what is happening at the entry point. The company is also very confident about the price competitiveness of its systems when compared to gate and door entry alternatives. Ease of use is also a big factor, integrating a more familiar phone system to control entry and calls to action such as door bells, means customers are already working with a bit of kit they are already familiar with. This also means that any caller can be spoken to from anywhere in the house when using a cordless, mobile phone or tablet and the user is not tied to dedicated wall panels. Similar functionality can be applied when the user is away from the property too. Security and safety within the home can also be promoted via an integrated intercom and pageing system – also available from Bespoke Telecoms. When a visitor presses the call button it can ring as many or as few extensions as desired. This can be different phones in different circumstances. During the day it might be all phones, but in the evening just the main phone in the living room. Offering his thoughts on security is Phil Pini, head of residential development at Crestron EMEA. Phil sums up that these days the trend is very much more for discrete security approaches rather than very obvious cameras and other systems which often draw unwanted attention as much as anything else. “Keeping houses secure can come in many and quite often very simple ways,” says Phil. “A trick I have heard 42 | December 2016 Security.indd 42 15/12/2016 17:23