Essential Install December 2016 - Page 43

Essential Install | Security Stealing Away Daniel J Sait takes a look at some of the companies and systems that can help keep clients safe and secure. LILIN is continuing to target specifically the smart home sector EI spoke with Jason Hill, LILIN group vice president, about the pedigree and future of this CI focused security manufacturer. A key developer of products since 1980, this year the company was first to market with a 4K camera and has also created a 120hs camera. Jason explains: “Our core philosophy is based on creativity, progress and excellence. We have applied that consistently for over a decade, resulting in some unique solutions, world firsts and an inherent obsession with quality. We have predominantly developed hardware based solutions, this has been one of the reasons we have been so popular in the CI market. In terms of key products, Jason says: “We have an extensive range of IP cameras, recorders, encoders decoders and even a door station, ranging from 1080p to 4K and in a wide choice of form factors for internal and external applications. We still have an analogue range, but that’s used less frequently in this channel, although using one of our DVRs can quickly turn any existing analogue CCTV system in a client’s home into one that can be viewed and controlled through the HA platform.” Training and support is also key, as Jason explains: “This is where integrators will see how we differ from other CCTV manufacturers. We have a huge online knowledgebase with nearly 2,000 articles, FAQs and application notes. The user simply enters their problem in the search field and then receives multiple responses, many with video tutorials attached, or external resources to educate and assist. “It’s unrivalled; nobody has anything so comprehensive. We also have award winning training, both IP Bootcamp and Surveillance For Custom Install are externally accredited and independently lauded; these are not product promotions, but carefully crafted hands-on LILIN are dedicated to delivering the best possible functionality and slickest integration for the ultimate user experience. We have designed a range of products specially for the Custom Install market and platforms. The Door Station from LILIN provides an exceptional way to add two-way communication, video identification and entry control to your surveillance system. It offers new possibilities to effectively control entry to your premises and allows customers to enjoy greater convenience and peace of mind. INVISION UK IS LILIN’S PARTNER AND DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE CUSTOM INSTALL SECTOR IN THE UK 01359 270280 December 2016 | 41 Security.indd 41 15/12/2016 17:23