Essential Install December 2016 - Page 35

Minimal Opening Speaker System The big little speaker... ...and sub system Integrated Aesthetics Designed to complement home light fittings, complete with 4” square or round grilles. Virtuosity and versatility combined D38 in-ceiling speakers and DSUB6F3 subwoofer combine for uncompromised dynamic sound with a minimal appearance. Invigorated Enclosure The compact DSUB6 bandpass cabinet deliver robust bass output within the space restrictions available above ceilings. S u p p l y i n g S m a r t H o m e Te c h n o l o g y t o t h e P r o f e s s i o n a l I n s t a l l e r | 01359 270280 | Invision UK is the exclusive distributor for Origin Acoustics in the UK and Ireland | Invision UK ©2016 Untitled-7 1 12/12/2016 15:47